Japan 2018

Finally folks, we are back to the planning table for the next big adventure. And I’m back to Japan, after (when I get there) FOUR LONG YEARS. This time is a little different. Myself and my good friend Kev will be flying out at the end of October 2018 to spend Halloween in Tokyo, before […]

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Hiroshima pt. 1

25/02/14 About a month ago, back when I was still teaching regularly, I was sat at home thinking to myself “It’s been a month now that we’ve been on winter break, and I haven’t done anything. I haven’t even left Kansai since being here.” So, I rather impulsively decided to take a trip to Hiroshima. […]

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My Number #1 Travel Tip

I’d say that I am a fairly seasoned traveller by now, and I’ve learnt a thing or two about being both a traveller, and a tourist. This piece of advice isn’t about how to get as much bang for your buck, how to survive 12 hour flights or the best bars in Shanghai. Nothing like […]

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Thoughts on Markets

It appears to me, in this country, that people aren’t visiting their local markets anymore.Traditional high street staples such as butchers, fishmongers, and green grocers appear to be in decline with the growth of big chain supermarkets. I understand it, supermarkets are convenient, everything is right there in one place, easy to find. Just one […]

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Daily Prompt: Underground

via Daily Prompt: Underground All my life, I’ve lived in small places, villages, towns, small cities. The underground has always, for me, marked a big city. I’ve been on them the world over, from London, to New York, to Paris, to Tokyo. And everyone of them makes me, most often, feel a sense of excitement. […]

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Hey Sensei, soup first or noodles first?

Student: Hey Sensei, soup first or noodles first? Sensei: First, observe the whole bow. Student: Yes. Sensei: Appreciate its gesalt. Savour the aromas. Jewels of fat glistening on the surface. Bamboo shoots shining.Seaweed slowly sinking. Spring onions floating. Concentrate on the three pork slices… They play the key role but moderately hidden.   Sensei: First, […]

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